vamvo mini portable video projector

Vamvo Mini Portable Video Projector

There’s nothing more relaxing than going to the movie theater. However, it could be a lot more relaxing if you could show up in your pajamas. That might not be socially acceptable, but it would be in your own home theater! If you’re looking to make a home theater, what are you waiting for? It’s definitely worth it! The way you can do this is with a projector. Projectors are an affordable way to make the theater of your dreams, no matter where you are! They are also really portable, so you can take them with you no matter where you are. Want to watch a movie in your room? Use your wall! Want to watch a movie outside? Use an outdoor screen! The options are truly limitless, and you will be amazed with how beautiful the picture turns out.

Best Features

This projector is awesome because you can duplicate your smartphone screen. This can be done with your USB charging cable, and suddenly your small phone is a high resolution projection! You no longer have to strain your eyes on your small screen on your phone. It also supports 1080p, a contrast of 1000:1, and it has a built in speaker so you don’t have to get anything else. It’s like a TV, but without the high price tag! You get an amazing picture so you can watch movies, play games, or anything of the like! This projector supports a lot of different media inputs. You can use your phone, laptop, computer, xbox, ps3 and ps4, dvd, headphones, tv, tv boxes, and more. This projector also comes with risk free warranty for 24 months, so you can get a refund or a replacement if anything should happen.

What’s Included

 1×Vamvo Home Theater Projector
· 1×Remote Controller (batteries not included)
· 1×AC Power Cable
· 1×HDMI Cable
· 1×3 in 1 A/V Cable
· 1×User Manual


Most users were really impressed with the quality of the picture. It isn’t hard to see, and even when it is fairly light out, the projector still performs well. The screen size is huge, and it’s nice that you can choose when to switch it based on what you are doing. A lot of people used it for camping and outdoor movies and they thought it worked really well.


Some users had issues with focusing the projector, but if you have the correct throwing distance then you shouldn’t have this issue.

Final Verdict

You really cannot go wrong with this projector. If something were to break, you have a two year warranty available. It has local customer service, so you can always have someone easy to talk to should anything happen. Because of this, you should not hesitate to purchase it one bit. It’s a great product that you will be happy to use.

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