Snug Play+ Kids Headphones

snug play kids headphones picture 09Title : Snug Play+ Kids Headphones Volume Limiting and Audio Sharing Port (Green)
Description : Provide your kids the ultimate shared listening experience – without risk to their hearing or comfort! Adult Sound Quality with Kid-Friendly Design These kids headphones feature 40mm drivers to provide top sound quality – they’ll be completely immersed in the audio experience whether it’s music, an audiobook, movie or television program. Volume-Limited to Protect Eardrums Safety comes first with children – that’s why the Snug Play+ volume is limited to 93db – a balanced sound level that’s loud enough to hear everything without the danger of eardrum damage. Features Sharing Port on Every Set Kids can easily connect these headphones in a daisy chain and listen together – just plug the first set into your audio/media device and then connect the others for a fun group listening experience. Tough, Durable & Lightweight Built tough to be handled by kids, these headphones are durable while staying lightweight. They’ll withstand heavy use and are sure to last you and your kids for year…
Features :

  • Features a sharing port on every set – Connect one side of these kids headphones to your media device then connect the other side to a second set of headphones to allow a daisy chain of kids to all listen at once!
  • Volume automatically limited to protect your childÍs ears – The Snug Play+ childrens headphones have a built-in volume limiting feature to save the eardrums of young kids.
  • Perfect size and fit for children – These headphones are lightweight and feature soft, comfortable earpads. Recommended for children ages 3-8.
  • Premium sound quality – Featuring 40mm drivers that provide a range of 20Hz to 20kHz, your kids will never be lacking for sound as they enjoy a complete audio experience.
  • Made with high quality, durable materials these headphone are built to last and withstand the rough play of kids

Snug Play+ Kids Headphones Volume Limiting and Audio Sharing Port (Green) Snug Play+ Kids Headphones Volume Limiting and Audio Sharing Port (Green)
Category: Over-Ear Headphones
Brand: Snug
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