logitech z506 surround sound home theater speaker system

Logitech Z506 Surround Sound Home Theater Speaker System

Whether you’re a movie or a music buff, you know how important good sound is. This is especially true when you are hosting a party and need something to be loud. While you could try to play the volume on the highest for your TV, you could risk blowing out the sound. Plus, not to mention that the louder you go, the worse the sound quality gets. Because of this, it’s not even worth it! No one wants to read subtitles while watching an important movie or game, and everyone knows that playing music at a party needs to be loud enough to make out the words. Coming from a brand that you know and trust, Logitech has created a surround sound speaker system that makes it easy to transform your house into the perfect party environment. Never strain to hear what the TV is saying ever again when you have this amazing speaker system. No one will guess that you only paid $52.95 for it!

Best Features

The speaker system has ported down-firing subwoofers to pump out deep bass no matter what you are streaming or watching. The 3D sterio is in 5.1 surround sound even when you’re using 2-channel stereo sources. The multiple inputs makes it really easy for you to connect your computer, game console, phone, tablets, or iPods. There is 75 watts of balanced power and room filling sound, and you can choose how much bass you want present. The sound is really clear and rich, and you don’t need to worry about the horrible fuzziness that some speakers are known for. With multiple speakers you’ll get to feel truly immersed in what you are watching or listening to. Just imagine the next level this speaker system could take you to when you’re playing your favorite action video games or the newest shooter movie.

What’s Included

When you order this you will get 3 connectors, one audio jack, one headphone jack, 2 stereo RCA input jacks, 4 input RCA jacks for the speaker system, and 1 connector. You will also receive the six speakers.


With so many speakers that can be placed around the room, the sound is truly immersive and unique. People will think you spent thousands getting a sound this good. You’ll instantly become the favorite house to go to for big games and movie nights, and that’s all thanks to this speaker system that is easy on the wallet. The sound is clear and can get really loud.


This is not Bluetooth capable unless you purchase another adapter.

Final Verdict

For just over $50, you really can’t complain. The price is amazing, but the quality of the speakers are even better. The sound is unlike anything you’ll experience with other surround sound speakers, and you’ll feel like you’re sitting in a movie theater each time you use it! They are easy to set up as well, so you should not hesitate to purchase this product.

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