jiang flexible thin film solar panel

JIANG Flexible Thin Film Solar Panel

Mother Nature has already done us a solid by giving us the sun. The sun is full of power, and yet we often don’t use it to our advantage. There’s no reason why the sun should be working 12+ hours a day and we not use it! That’s where solar comes in. Unlike the solar panels you can spend thousands on to put on you room, this solar panel is specially designed so that you can charge things with it. While it may not be the best of the best solar panels out there, it is a really good and unique product that is set apart from similar ones on the market because of how well it performs and the features it comes with. You definitely don’t want to be enticed by a solar charger with a lower price tag because this one is built to last and has the reviews to back it up. Appreciate what Mother Nature has already given us and get into solar. There truly is nothing better for you and the planet.

Best Features

• Ultra-thin: Compact size (19.5*8*0.1cm) ,weight:27g ,highly portable
• Waterproof: high quality material, sturdy and durable ,Sealed high and long service life ,will not fall off, applies to any occasion that can be exposed to direct sunlight
• Sufficient Energy: High Efficiency Shadow Tolerance Loss (4%-5%) Power Output Warranty Reduce not higher than 20% within 25 years Low Light Performance 20% higher generating capacity not is disposable battery, 60 years of continuous use£¬is good back up power
• Foldable: the biggest advantage, can be folded, as show picture, it is unmatched by other products
• Apply: use your imagination to create a variety of products, solar charging clothes, solar panel phone charger, power for outdoor wireless sports head phones,UAV power supply, and so on

What’s Included

When you purchase this, you will get the very thin solar panel that can be applied to whatever you would like.


Most users were very happy with this. They say that they generate about 8 watts, which is pretty good considering how thin it is. It is perfect for those who want a do it yourself experience and want to create something cool with solar power. Anyone who knows solar will be enticed by this because it can be used to charge so many different items! You really cannot go wrong with it.


You will need to know how to solder, which is obviously a skill not everyone has.

Final Verdict

If you are looking for a do it yourself experience and you know basic soldering skills, you will not regret purchasing this. It’s really thin and compact and can be used on so many different things.

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