jabra freeway bluetooth in car speakerphone

Jabra Freeway Bluetooth In-Car Speakerphone

With all the laws concerning cellphones these days, the last thing you want to be caught doing is making a call while driving. Well, at least making a call while the phone is in your hand! A lot of cars are now equipped with a nice speaker that can announce the caller ahead of time and then you can speak without the need for your hands or touching any other buttons. However, not all cars have this feature. Thankfully, if your car wasn’t equipped with the latest and greatest, you still don’t need to break the law. Shocking! You can actually buy an aftermarket speaker like this one made from Jabra. Jabra has been on the forefront of hands free calls since the dawn of time, and they did not skimp out when it came to this car speakerphone. If you need a speaker for your car to make and receive calls on, you just found the one you should buy.

Best Features

This is a speakerphone that is really easy to install into your car. It has a really rich and crisp sound from three different speakers and virtual surround sound. You can use your voice to make and take calls without having to press any buttons, and it will also announce the name of whomever is calling you. There is A2DP streaming for music, podcasts, and even directions. It’s also equipped with an FM transmitter to send music and calls from your phone to the car radio. It doesn’t need to be charged often as it comes with 14 hours of talk time, and 40 days worth of standby time or podcasts and GPS directions. There is an auto on and off so you don’t need to worry about turning it off. Two different devices can be connected via Bluetooth at once, and there’s dual microphone background and noise reduction technology that comes with it.


This is really easy to use because it just uses the FM transmitter in your car. Considering it has almost 40 days of battery life, you won’t have to fuss over it often. However, you can also recharge the battery. Many users expressed how nice it is that it comes with a car charger, so you don’t have to physically take it out when you need to charge it. The sound quality is very good according to the past users.


Some users have expressed that the speaker is a bit big. It can fit in multiple places in the car, but most chose to put it up on the mirror or sun blocker. It’s the size of your hand, so it does take up a considerable amount of space.

Final Verdict

For just about $50, this is a great buy. You’ll feel like your car was suddenly updated with the newest technology, and it does make your drive a lot safer. Without the need to pull out your phone, you can focus on the road.

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