bose soundlink mini bluetooth speaker ii carbon

Bose SoundLink Mini Bluetooth Speaker II (Carbon)

With all the summer parties you know you’re going to throw, you need to equip yourself with a speaker that is going to give you the best sound out there. Who else can you trust besides Bose to make this happen? We all know that Bose is known for their sound, and they have yet to create a product that has been a disappointment. It should come as no surprise that the SoundLink Mini II is no different. This speaker is amazing, and the look of it is especially unique. With a very vintage but modernized feel, this speaker is a pleaser no matter what crowd you’re inviting into your home. Wow your guests with the smooth and rich sound, and they’ll be asking you all about your new surround sound system you had installed. Little will they know that you got that amazing sound all through a small portable speaker that is sitting right on your table in the living room. If you need a good speaker, look no further. You’ve found it.

Best Features

What is music without bass? It’s nothing! If you don’t have a good bass, you cannot have good music. That’s where so many portable speakers fail. They simply cannot produce the bass that regular speakers can. Well, until Bose that is. Bose has created the perfect amount of bass in this small speaker, so the music comes out crystal clear. It’s a deep and rich sound that will blow people away, and they’ll never expect it came from such a small device. This speaker is completely wireless, meaning that it can come with you wherever your life takes you. Bring it to the beach, outside, to your hotel, or keep it in your living room! The Bluetooth transmission range is 30 feet, and it comes with a built in lithium ion battery that will last up to 10 hours. There are voice prompts to make connecting easy, and you can use it as a speakerphone for conference calls as well.


This speaker is one of the highest quality there is. The sound is really good, and it sounds much better than playing it on your phone or another cheap portable speaker. With the bass, you’ll feel like you have your own band in the living room. The sound reaches far, and it is not fuzzy or crackly when it gets up to the highest volume. The design blends in no matter where you go, and the classic black is one that will please any household.


The battery life really isn’t very good compared to other speakers on the market.

Final Verdict

If you’re a lover of Bose, you’ll love this speaker. If you haven’t had a Bose speaker before, this is a great one to introduce you to the fabulous brand. You’ll love how clear everything sounds, and it’s fairly easy to take with you. It has everything a portable speaker should have.

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