august smart lock 2nd generation

August Smart Lock 2nd Generation

Protecting your home is very important, but we sometimes forget that the simplest things to protect our home can actually be found right on our door. Our locks are what can stop intruders from entering into our home, but too many times we forget to even lock them up. It’s not only frustrating, it could lead to a very dangerous situation. If you’re one of those people who have found yourself forgetting to lock your door from time to time, don’t take the risk any longer. You need to invest in a smart lock. Smart locks work electronically, so you’ll be able to unlock and lock your door no matter where you are. No more do you have to worry about whether or not you locked your door. Smart locks will ensure that you are never threatened again. Some smart locks are made better than others, and the August Smart Lock 2nd Generation is one of the best around.

Best Features

You can keep track of who is coming and going with the smart lock, and there’s also an auto lock and unlock feature, which knows when you are leaving and coming back and will unlock as you approach the door. You can even pair this smart lock with your voice controlled devices like Amazon Alexa, and you’ll know who comes and goes with the 24/7 activity log. You can use siri on your phone to unlock, and there’s an app that will let you check whether or not your door is locked. The installation is very easy because there is nothing to wire or connect. When the batteries need to be replaced, the app will notify you that they are getting low. There’s also a low energy Bluetooth that syncs the lock to your phone, and the door hardware on the outside will stay the same. Only the interior hardware will change and it fits most standard deadbolts.

What’s Included

When you purchase this, you will receive:
• 1 Aluminum Smart Lock
• 4 AA Batteries
• Mounting Plate(s)
• 3 Lock Adapters


The ability to check when you unlocked and locked your door is very helpful, and for those with kids who often forget to lock the door, you can keep an eye on it through the app. Users were very happy with how easy the installation was, and this works for both dry and humid places, so you don’t have to worry about water condensation building up from humidity like you do with some other brands. Also, not having to change the external hardware is definitely a benefit.


Some users had issues with the lock not always unlocking without keys. There could be calibration issues, so a key should always be carried as a back up.

Final Verdict

For a smart lock, you won’t find a better and more affordable one out there. This comes with everything you need to protect your home, and you won’t even have to change the hardware on the outside! It’s definitely worth the money.

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