artlii movie iphone mini pocket laptop smartphone projector

Artlii Movie iphone Mini Pocket Laptop Smartphone Projector

Everyone who wants a big screen TV needs to reconsider. Not only are TVs expensive, but they can easily break. You will spend all this money on a TV only to have to buy a new one just a few years later! That’s too expensive. With a projector, you can change the size of your screen on the day. If you want it bigger or smaller all you have to do is adjust the projector settings! There is truly nothing better than watching your favorite TV shows on a huge screen. You will see details that you never noticed before, and it will truly blow your mind. If you’ve been needing a big screen TV, consider this projector instead. You will be amazed at just how sharp and clear the picture is, and you can take it with you on a moment’s notice!

Best Features

This is the ultimate portable projector. It can literally fit in the palm of your hand! If you’ve wanted a projector that is mini and lightweight, you have to go with this one. It only weighs 0.28 kilograms, and the size of it is 12.5 x 8.6 x 4.7 centimeters, so you can imagine just how small this is. The projector is also powered by a power bank, which is nice so that you can take it on the go. It works with a lot of different outputs, and it can be hooked up to USB, HDMI, AV, and SD. You can even connect it to your headphones if you want! Not only does it go with you, but it’s perfect for at home. The screen can be 1.5 meters and it only needs a 3.8 meter throw distance. Plus, it comes with a three year warranty! Yes, you read that right. For three years you can file the warranty if you are not happy and get a full refund. There is no risk involved.


One of the biggest benefits of this projector is that you can take it with you and it isn’t big or bulky like other projectors out there. It fits in your hand, so you can put it in your pocket and go! It’s perfect for when it is dark outside or in a dark room. Another benefit is the price. This projector comes at a price point of just $50, which is a lot less than other projectors out there.


This projector is only $50, so it won’t perform well for business presentations or things of that like.

Final Verdict

If you’re looking for a great little projector that will get the job done and is able to be transported with you, look no further. This projector is extremely versatile, and you’ll love the ability to have a large screen with you no matter where you go.

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