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iFinity Wireless Indoor/Outdoor Speaker –


iFinity Wireless Indoor/Outdoor Speaker – Bundle 1 Black

iFinity Wireless Indoor/Outdoor Speaker - Bundle 1 Black

Product Name : iFinity Wireless Indoor/Outdoor Speaker – Bundle 1 Black

This kind of iFinity Wireless Indoor/Outdoor Speaker – Bundle 1 Black functions good, simple to operate and modify. The retail price for this was reduced compared to other areas My spouse and i investigated, instead of a lot more when compared with similiar product or service.

Description : Enjoy crystal-clear music everywhere in your house and outdoors without running wires. Set up speakers in each room of your house or add some music by your swimming pool.

The iFinity wireless transmitter streams your favorite music uncompressed in full CD quality to up to four wireless speakers per transmitter throughout your home. Add more transmitters to create additional zones.

Inside the wireless speaker are two efficient ultra-low-distortion power amplifiers (bi amplifier). One amplifier drives the speaker’s woofer, the other amplifier drives the high-frequency tweeter. The speakers deliver up to 80 Watts of clean RMS power without breaking a sweat. Shake your walls with the powerful bass.

This bundle includes one wireless speaker and one iFinity transmitter. Buy as many additional speakers as you need.

The speakers can be installed up to 600 feet from the transmitter. Unlike Bluetooth, music is sent uncompressed at full CD quality to up to four speakers throughout your home.

The transmitter offers an amplified speaker cable audio input for connection to an AV receiver, a line-level audio input for connecting to an MP3 player or any other unamplified source and also has a built-in iPod cradle for plugging in your iPod or iPhone.

Each wireless speaker can be paired with any transmitter simply by pushing a button. The wireless signal is highly resistant to wireless interference from other devices. It uses advanced adaptive frequency hopping and error correction.

Technical Specifications:

Audio transmission: Digital, uncompressed, adaptive FHSS

Amplifier: Bi amplification, two separate Class-D amplifiers

Amplifier Power: 80 Watts RMS

Drivers: 5″ woofer, 1″ tweeter

Operating range: Max. 600 feet line of sight

Size: 8.5″ (H) x 8.5″ (W) x 8.5″ (D)

Weight: 4.8 lbs

Available in black and white

Note: iPod not included
Features :

  • Suitable for indoor and outdoor use
  • 80 Watts RMS power
  • Maximum range of 600 feet
  • Transmit through walls and celings to every room of your house
  • Uncompressed wireless audio at full CD quality

I bought iFinity Wireless Indoor/Outdoor Speaker – Bundle 1 Black along with the merchandise is very classy. I’m keen on the style, the actual material and yes it seems high priced. I might undoubtedly propose that for you to any person paying for the product

Category: Surround Sound Systems
Brand: Amphony
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Rating : 4.6
Review : Amazing sound and great range
I have purchased this wireless speaker to set up on my front porch. Even though the area is under a roof I wanted a speaker that can stand the occasional rain shower. I picked this model because it is advertised at 80 Watts power and because I have the transmitter at the opposite side of my house connected to a PC.

This speaker itself is shaped like a cube and has some controls at the rear that allow it to be paired with the transmitter. It is a 2-way speaker and apparently has 2 separate amps built in. I suppose that having 2 amps improves the sound versus having a single amp. I was not disappointed by the sound quality at all. It has good bass and crisp treble. The treble is adjustable. I have it set just slightly under the maximum setting. It is not quite a match for my subwoofer that I have in my home theater when it comes to the low-frequency response but it still is quite impressive for such a relatively small speaker.

I have the volume turned up around…