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iFi xCAN Portable Balanced

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ifi xcan portable balanced picture 003 - iFi xCAN Portable BalancedProduct Name : iFi xCAN Portable Balanced Dual Mono Headphone Amplifier with Bluetooth AptX and AAC Codecs for 2.5mm and 3.5mm TRRS and TRS Connectors – Audio Upgrade

Description : Why the xCan? If you are looking to improve the sound quality of your music from a highly-rated portable device with your wired headphones while maintaining portability this is the amplifier for you. Whether you are an everyday listener or serious audiophile, the xCAN is a next generation portable and pocket size Hi-Res headphone amp. With more than 1000mW of power per channel, full analogue volume control, advanced analog signal processing (3D+ Matrix and XBass II). It also has aptX and AAC Bluetooth connectivity, meaning it can be ‘paired’ to a music source such as 4K TV to stream audio wirelessly. The xCAN is a major sonic step up for smartphones, digital audio players, and computers. The xCAN delivers high-end audio quality from both Balanced and S-Balanced outputs using a balanced dual-mono circuit topology in an extremely portable package. The 3D+ Matrix for Headphones and the new XBassⅡ system enhance your enjoyment of music by correcting common flaws even in high-end headphon…
Features :

  • POWERFUL – Powerful dual-mono headphone amplifier that can unleash the full dynamic range of hard to drive 600 ohm over ear phones while still driving many sensitive 32 ohm IEM with a silent background. Delivers 1000mW of power per channel Balanced and also a specially designed ‘S-Balanced’ circuit for Balanced (TRRS) 2.5mm and Single-Ended with (TRS) 3.5mm connectors Both offer exceptional low crosstalk and low distortion
  • WIRELESS – ‘Cut the cord’ and upgrade your existing wired headphones by using the built-in wireless Bluetooth input, which uses the aptX and AAC codecs with a dedicated DAC chip, for streaming music from your portable or home device to the xCAN receiver with 16 bit 44kHz CD quality sound. Compatible with your DAP ( digital audio player ), Android or Apple smartphone or tablet, laptop, smart TV or even Alexa and similar smart speakers
  • PORTABLE – Start listening right away and all day with a 2220mAh battery that can supply 12-18 hours of playback. Accessories include a USB C charging cable, a mini to mini connector, and a 2.5mm balanced interconnect so you can connect to most any audio system component or converter right out the box
  • MUSIC YOUR WAY – 3D Holographic + and XBass II offer advanced analogue signal processing circuits that provide a more accurate and enjoyable sound by correcting low end bass and/or mid range frequencies and widening the soundstage to bring the music ‘out of your head’ creating a more a engaging sound. Puts the performer on stage in your home to add that extra natural quality to the mid range
  • PRECSION – Pure Analogue Volume Control retaining full resolution at all volume levels, its smooth action and smooth sound deliver the sonic goods with super smootthness and precision

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