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hand free car kit

hand free car kit

Product Name : hand free car kit

This hand free car kit does excellent, simple to operate and modify. The cost with this had been reduced compared to other areas We reviewed, instead of additional compared to similiar solution.

I acquired hand free car kit and also the product is quite stylish. I’m keen on the design, this materials and it also looks pricey. I would certainly recommend this kind of to help anyone buying this device

Category: Car Speakerphones
Brand: iClever
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Rating : 4.0
Review : Good sound quality with only one minor flaw (for me, may be a bigger flaw for others)
Sound quality is what I expected. There is no discernible difference to a direct wired connection from my phone via the 3.5mm jack (which is what I was using previously for music). In my truck, I have it hooked up to my cigarette lighter power port, which, while it stays on all the time, as my truck gets turned on, it resets the power briefly. This causes a problem with this device as it doesn’t seem to cleanly restart, and will not connect to my phone if I have it hooked up when the truck is started. This isn’t a major issue for me, as I prefer not to leave it plugged in and active while I’m not driving my truck. I simply unplug it every time I leave my truck. I don’t consider this the flaw, as this may be something specific to the power system of my truck, and it doesn’t affect me in how I use it anyway.

When I plug it in after starting my vehicle it connects to my phone instantly and with no problems. I DO NOT use the voice capability as I prefer a bluetooth headset for…