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Friday, May 21st 2021.

Case Study Houses (Basic Art Series 2.0)

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Democracy and Constitutionalism in India

Oxford University Press. 2010 gbs preview - basic structure cases

The basic strucure doctrine articulated by the Indian Supreme Court in 1973 made it amply clear that the basic features of the Constitution must remain inviolable. The doctrine has generatd serious debates ever since as it placed substantive and procedural limits on the amending powers of the Execuive. Despite the lack of clarity as to its nature, the scope of the doctrine has been broadened in recent years, and a wide range of state actions are covered in its purview. In this book,...

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Serbo-Croatian: Basic structure

gbs preview - basic structure cases

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Balanced Constitutionalism

Oxford University Press, USA. 2017 gbs preview - basic structure cases

The Human Rights Act (HRA) of the UK, enacted in 1998, provoked particular interest amongst scholars. Unlike systems of parliamentary sovereignty and judicial supremacy, it promised a new, 'balanced' model for the protection of rights, which conferred courts with a limited power of review over legislation. Under this new model, rights-based decision-making was expected to be balanced amongst courts and legislatures, rather than lopsided in favour of either. Indian courts, on the other hand,...

The Kesavananada Anniversary:Basic Structure Doctrine - Live Law - Indian Legal News

April 23, 2021 - Live Law - Indian Legal News

The Kesavananada Anniversary:Basic Structure Doctrine  Live Law - Indian Legal News...

Basic Structure Case : Faizan Mustafa in conversation with Tony Blackshield

Hello, I want to mention a special offer of our subscribers from the legal education company ASAP Edu. They have two excellent books for Judiciary, UPSC, SSC ...